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Blender export bone alignment problem (Ogre .mesh)

I am very new to Blender and working with Ogre files, and I've been trying to learn a few things modeling and rigging a new model for the game Torchlight2. I've run into a problem, though, with the armature and bones becoming misaligned after export. I've done some research and have yet to find reports or solutions regarding anything like what I am getting.
When my own from-scratch model was encountering problems I decided I would repeat the process using a stock mesh right out of the game, and I got the same results.
I use the following Blender addon to import the Ogre .mesh files from the Torchlight2 resource files.
As you can see, the model imports just fine (the few oddly placed bones are location tags for the game engine).
However, when I go and immediately export the model using the Blender2Ogre addon and re-import it into Blender I get the following.
If you look closely you can see that all of the armature's bones have their heads in the right locations, but the tails have been rotated by ~90 degrees around an arbitrary axis. I opened up the Skeleton.xml files to see what was up.
Original (before)
Exported (after)
Note how the rotation axes have been transposed. I also tried exporting with the (previously mentioned) Torchlight-to-Blender addon and got the same results, only this time the entire armature, not just the bones, was also rotated 90 degrees around the origin!
The common elements for these workflows are Blender (v2.67b), and the model itself after being loaded into or created from scratch in Blender. I consider it unlikely that both addons I've tested with have the same problem after a few years of development and no one else mentioning this kind of issue before afaik. So, I'm assuming that the solution is something I can correct inside of Blender.
So no one has to suggest it, I have already tried applying any local transforms to the model and the armature before exporting.
Any idea what the problem is?
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